Shop Local is the Digital Window to Your Physical Store

Shop Local is the new way to think about Store Locator

Radius8 is a platform that combines data from the brick and mortar store with local signals such as weather, events happening nearby, local sales trends, and social feeds from platforms like twitter to create new merchandising opportunities that connect with consumers and allow you to sell more. 

Go Beyond Location and Hours of Operation

  • Let your customers shop the local store from anywhere
  • Dynamically merchandise leveraging local weather, social trends, and events
  • Convert more locally engaged online traffic online and drive more foot traffic into your stores
  • Copy-Paste deployment, No Irksome Integration

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Go beyond location and hours of operation to and actively promote and sell what's available in your stores . Unlock local data to create new selling opportunities powered by the store.




Transform your current store locator page which is not monetized right now and deliver a new experience which is powered by the store. Guess has deployed this “Store Powered E-commerce" experience and seen a 75% higher than average conversion rate and 25% bump in AOV!




No Hardcoding

Copy & Paste Deployment


Cloud Based

No interference with your existing e-commerce functionality or page load time.


Dynamically Generated

Change widget type, trend parameters, and data sources on the fly.


Web Responsive & Easily Styled

Dynamically scale for desktop, tablet, or mobile.


"Not only has Radius8 been bringing more traffic to our stores, but they have been helping our online conversion as well."
Edward Park, SVP Retail & Digital, GUESS, Inc